The Columbia Street Seisiun Band publishes our first songbook!
November 29, 2000: Olympia, WA.
   Tonight our intrepid leaders, Burt & Di Meyer, produced the first release of the Columbia Street Seisiun Band's first CD! Amazing considering that our recording sessions occurred the week of November 12th. Photos HERE.
   They are available from Clancy's Columbia Street Public House on 4th Avenue in Olympia.
   You can also click on those tracks noted below to download or listen to some of our songs as MP3 files.
Track 1 Swinging on a Gate [MP3] 
Track 2 Northwest Brews 
Track 3 Lisdoonvarna/Drowsey Maggie 
Track 4 Bedlam Boys [MP3] 
Track 5 Ennis/Maggie in the Woods 
Track 6 Roll the Old Chariot Along 
Track 7 Irish Washerwoman [MP3] 
Track 8 Lass of Ballybay 
Track 9 Kesh Jig/Swallowtail Jig 
Track 10 Country Life 
Track 11 Sullivan's/Murphy's/Ryan's [MP3] 
Track 12 Traveler [MP3]
Track 13 Mingulay 
Track 14 Planxty Fanny Poer 
Track 15 Thanks to the Benefactor 
Track 16 Sevens [MP3] 
Track 17 Star of Munster/Julia Delany 
Track 18 Jug o' Punch 
Track 19 Smash the Windows 
Track 20 Cup of Tea/Cooley's Reel 
Track 21 Byker Hill 
Track 22 Scully's Jig & Reel 
Track 23 Irish Blessing 
Track 24 Morrison's Jig
I play bodhran on tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 17, 24 and sing in the chorus on tracks 4, 7, 15.  There were three bodhran players and the other two are more experienced than I so any cool beats are theirs and any errors likely mine.