The Knight Errant (Cover)"The Errant Knight" [a review]
by Capt. Mikal Warchola of Carpathia
Renaissance Magazine #5 (1996) : 47.

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Wandering knights, medieval scenes, and unattainable fair ladies are
prevalent images in The Errant Knight, a collection of poems in a small
48-page booklet.

Poet Richard Alan Edwards—who has one pen name gracing his booklet and
another three listed on the title page—writes verse in a variety of
historical poetic forms, including Shakespearean and Petrarchean
sonnets, Rondel, Sestina, and Tageleid. His work is whimsical,
melancholy, and for the most part technically sound and it is these
qualities that make this compilation enjoyable to Medievalists.

According to Edwards, the poems are arranged in such a way so as to tell
a tale. Whether he means some story may materialize from an ordered
reading of the poems or simply that a certain mood will be evoked is
unclear. Regardless, this compilation is worth picking up.

To order, write to: Rich Edwards (aka Richard Fitzalan), 3402 21st CT SE
Apt. A, Olympia, WA 98501

Capt. Mikal Warchola of Carpathia