From a letter from Martha Haight Stapleton to Maud Snow Chollette, great granddaughter of James Atwood and Mary Simmons as copied by Susan Loudermilk, a descendant of Lucy Atwood-Snow.  The letter was mailed 17 June 1946, and in it Martha says she is a great granddaughter of Abigail Atwood (whose sister Lucy married a Mr. Robert Snow). In it she lists a number of organizations she belongs to (DAR, Dau. of Patriots and Founders, Magna Charta, etc) based on her genealogy through several lines of her family (says, in fact, that through the Richard Valeis--or is it Valeris or Valers--line she can trace her descent from Adam!).  About James Atwood she says (and please note that odd spellings, punctuation, repetition, etc are copied exactly from her letter):
"James Atwood was born on the Isle of Wight, born on Isle of Wight (sic) Jan 1st 1762.  His father came originally from Wales-as the name Atwood is of Welsh origin, meaning 'at the wood.' He had 2 brothers on the Isle one named William, The other not known.  His parents died there.  Their(sic) was said to be a fortune left there, and I have found letters to my mother from J.E. McClintock, in 1900 about employing an attorney in England to investigate, They were said to be a wealthy family   Mr. McClintock was then in 1900 to be County Treasurer of Cherokee County Iowa,  Ray Johnson formerly State Treasurer of Iowa, a State Treasurer, a descendant.

"James Atwood pressed into service when 10 years old, while walking with his nurse in London,  Mr.McClintock says he was stolen by a band on (sic) pirates was detained on their vessel for 7 years, (my father told us it was on board a man o' war, He was sent for strawberries on shore and went in a small shop,  The shopkeeper a large woman with voluminous skirts, hid him in the folds of her skirts, he being a small boy,  The men came looking for him,  They asked for him, and also some things from the store, but she tactfully had only those things she could reach,  This was a favorite bed time story)  My fathers (sic) grandmother Abigail Atwood was his own grandmother  Born April-1782, married 1800, Died 1856, and is buried in the cemetery, near Mediapolis, Iowa, with my great grand-Abigail Atwood Haight died Sept-26-1856. grand-father Cornelius Haight, who was born Oct, 10-1783, Dutchess Co. N. Y. They were married at 17 years of age, and had 15 children Cornelius Haight died Aug. 12, 1872  A number of their children are buried in this cemetery,

"I have their pictures taken when they were quite old,  There were a number of Abigails and James, My grandfather James Haight, their eldest child was born June 26-1801,  His: sister Clarissa Bridges had a James-an Abigail,  There was Abigail Wellborn,  My father had a James and an Abigail, too,   James Atwood died in Brantford Canada in 1838 or 1839.  When Mr. McClintock wrote this letter to my mother in 1900, James Atwood had still 4 children living, Lucy Snow, Betsey Leclos(?) Peronelia Kelsy and John Atwood, (I think he lived near Buffalo or Niagara N.Y.)  One daughter married a Bickford, and Ja__ used to visit in Mediapolis, Iowa,   One of the descendant (sic) wrote to me for many years until she passed away   She was Mary Bell Lyon,  She was Lincoln, Neb, last living Daughters of the War of 1812,  Her daughters are Mrs. W.B. Ryons-1709 C. St, and Mrs. A.W. Miller, Lincoln,  She was born Feb. 26-1844.  Meigs Co. Ohio, daughter of Wm Bell and Jane Atwood Bell.  Mrs. Mary Bell Lyon died on her 90th birthday in 1934.

"There was a James Atwood served as a private in the Revolutionary War in Capt, Bates Co. 7th Mass. Reg.  Comm, Col. John Brooks,  His name shows on the muster roll, Jan. 1781. West Point   The records show that one James Atwood served in that war in a regimented at various times as the 12th and 14th Mass Reg, No record of any other man of the name of James Atwood or similar name, from Mass. in that war.   Mr. McClintock said in this letter that James Atwood was detained for 7 years with this band of pirates, finally permitted to go ashore, in New York, and was taken by Americans to a Camp of one of the Armies, this being during the Revolutionary War, about 1775-1776  Died in Brantford at Canada in 1837-1839"