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Genealogical Research

I have been doing genealogical research on my family for over two decades. I recall a school assignment where the teacher required us to write something about our family history and how we came to live in Washington State. I asked my mother and she and my grandmother explained to me about our ancestors coming west in covered wagons over a hundred years before. I am fifth generation Washingtonian, being a descendant of Morrison Penny Groom and Sarah Elizabeth Haight who settled in Whoop 'em up Gulch, near Waitsburg, WA in the 1870s. I was fascinated in all things historical and to think that I was part of such a history excited me. I ended up helping my mom and Grandma with research as I earned my college degree in history during the 1970s. While there are times I have more time for such projects than others, I have continued to do research and study on the family and to contact relatives, on and off for the past 30 years.

Family Groups and Research Notes pages:

The National Blue Family Association.
The list of some of my direct ancestors.
My Notes on the Haight Family
My Notes on the Edwards Family
My Notes on the Kelley Family
My Notes on the Pierson/Cooke Family
My Notes on our Royal and Noted Family connections.
My favorite Genealogy pages are at: GenForum and the LDS Family Search site.

Edwards, Richard Alan b. June 23, 1955 Olympia, WA: m. 1. July 23, 1977 to Wendy Denise Page in Elma, WA. One child, William Arthur Edwards b. August 12, 1982 Olympia, WA. National Blue Family Association number

List of my direct ancestors: Alphabetical by last name, within family name in chronological order (NOT alphabetical by first name)

Anderson, Isabel b: 1621 in Spaulding,  ENGLAND  m: William Davol on Aug 29, 1639 in Spalding, ENGLAND  d: 1722 in RI
Ap John, Jevan b. about 1605 in Treverig, Llantrisant Paris, Glamorganshire, WALES: m. Jane Verch Evan: d. 1665 in Treverig, WALES [father of John Bevan]
Ashcraft, Ruth Ann [adopted] b. May 12, 1858 in Clearfield, PA: m. May 8, 1879 in Russell, KS to Adam Thomas Harting: d. May 18, 1938 in Dayton, WA
Attwood, Abigail b. April 2, 1782 in Sharron, CT: m. 1800 to Cornelius A. Haight: d. 1856 in Mediapolis, Iowa
Attwood, James m. Mary Simmons
Barstow, Patience b. December 3, 1643 in Dedham, MA: m. Moses Simmons
Barstow, William b. 1612: m. August 5, 1638 in Dedham, MA to Ann Hubbard: d. 1669
Barstow, Thomas
Bevan, Elizabeth b. 1678 in WALES: m. June 30, 1696 in Merion, PA to Joseph Richardson:  d. February 27, 1740 in Philadelphia, PA
Bevan, John b. about 1646 in Treverig, WALES: m. 1665 to Barbara Aubrey: d. 1726 in Treverig, WALES [son of Jevan ap John]
Binnly, Ruth m. Samuel Paris
Bishop, Mary m. Job Simmons
Bloom, Polly "Mary" b. 1799 in Circleville, Pickaway Co., OH
Blue, Lola Adell b. April 4, 1931 in Tenino, WA: m. November 28, 1951 to Harry John Edwards in Tenino, WA  National Blue Family Association number
Blue, Frederick "W." Fisk b. September 27, 1898 in Ballard (Seattle), WA: m. November 27, 1925 to Mable Edna Groom in Tenino, WA: d. July 29, 1952 in Olympia, WA  National Blue Family Association number
Blue, "William" Wilbur Fisk b. January 7, 1850 in East Union, OH: m. October 14, 1888 to Margaret Jane Rinehart in Seattle, WA: d. November 14, 1937 in Tenino, WA  National Blue Family Association number
Blue, Daniel b. 1822 in Belmont Co., OH: m. 1. December 5, 1844 to Rachel Cochran, m. 2. July 15, 1847 to Clarissa Pierson: d. April 1, 1885 in Perry Township, OH  National Blue Family Association number
Blue, Daniel b. 1790 in VA: m. 1. December 22, 1812 in Ross Co., OH to Nancy Haynes, m. 2. December 30, 1817 to Eve Wolfe [1. Bonnett]: d. 1864, Coshocton Co., OH  National Blue Family Association number
Blue, William baptized April 21, 1754: m. March 15, 1788 to Mary [1. McIntire]: d. circa 1830 Ohio Co., VA
Blue, Margaret b. 1733 m. William Blue [her cousin]
Blue, William b. circa 1724: m. Margaret Blew [his cousin]
Blaw, Michael baptized April 18, 1704: m. 1. Helen (Elinor Van Barkeloo) 2. Nellie Hollinsett: d. 1786 [brother to Frederick, father to William Blue]
Blaw, Frederick m. Mary: d. 1793 [brother to Michael, father to Margaret Blew]
Blaw, John [born Jan] : baptized 1677: m. Margaret (Marytje/Grietje): d. 1757 in Somerset Co., NJ
Blau, Jan Frederickse [Blue Ancestor] born Frederickse, Jan baptized August 1649 in Pernambuco (now Reciefe, BRAZIL): m. Aeltje Jans circa 1677: d. after 1699
[Blue Ancestor] Janss, Frederick b. in Flensburg, DENMARK: m. to Grietien Janss: d. circa 1653
Brandon, Elizabeth b. Abt. 1436 in ENGLAND: m.1. John Cavendish, m. 2. Abt. 1480 to Manning, Hugh
Brandon, Sir William m. Elizabeth Wingfield
Bridges, Eliza m. 1841/42 to Job Haight
Brockhill, Juliana b: Abt. 1406 in Downe, Kent, ENGLAND : m: Abt. 1431 to John Manning of Godham
Brockhill, Richard
Brown, Eliza A. b. 1844/45 in VA: m. December 14, 1865 in Henrico, VA to John W. Kelley
Budd, Elizabeth m. Moses Hoyt
Chandler, Sarah m. Moses Simmons
Chandler, Roger m. Isabella Chilton in Leiden, Holland, July 21, 1615
Chaucer, Katherine b. Abt. 1348 in London, Middlesex, ENGLAND : m. Abt. 1364 to Simon Manning
Chaucer, John Le  b. Bef. 1309 in London, Middlesex, ENGLAND : m. Aft. 1324 in London, Middlesex, England to Agnes Copton : d. July 1366 in London, England
Chilton, Isabella m. Roger Chandler in Leiden, Holland, July 21, 1615
Clark, Mariah (Mary) b. Abt. 1676 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA : m. 1697 Johnathan Davol, Jr. : d: Abt. 1711
Cooke, Rebecca b. July 11, 1779 : m. 1800 to Philemon Pierson :
Cooke, Stephen b. March 29, 1751 at Mendham, Morris Co. NJ : m. August 27, 1775 at Mount Holly, Burlington Co. NJ to Sarah McFarland : d. August 7, 1820.
Cooke, Jacob b. 1725 in Plymouth, MA : m. July 31, 1751 in NJ to Phebe Lindley
Cooke, Jacob b. June 16, 1691 : m. April 3, 1716 at Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA to Phebe Hall : d. November 20, 1753 in Mendham, Morris Co. NJ.
Cooke, Jacob b. March 26, 1653 in Plymouth, MA : m. December 29, 1681 to Lydia Miller : d. April 24, 1747 in Kingston, MA
Cooke, Jacob b. abt. 1618 in Leyden, HOLLAND : m. Damaris Hopkins in 1646 : d. December 1675.
Cooke, Francis [Mayflower] m. Hester Mayhieu at Leiden, Holland on June 30, 1603 : d. April 7, 1663 in Plymouth, MA
Copton, Agnes b: Abt. 1317 in Of, London, Middlesex, ENGLAND : m. Aft. 1324 in London, Middlesex, England to John Le Chaucer : d. 1381 in Vintry, London, England
Devol, Meribah "Mariah" [Deval, Dowell] b. Oct 21, 1707 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA: m. 1744 in Boston, MA to Aaron Haight
Davol, Jonathan Jr. b: Abt. 1675 in Newport, Newport County, RI: m. 1697 Mariah (Mary) Clark: d: Aft. 1737 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA
Davol, Jonathan Sr. b: 1647 in Newport, RI : m. July 27, 1674 in Portsmouth, RI to Hannah Odlin : d: Aft. 1737 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, MA
Davol, William b. b: June 4, 1615 in Spalding, ENGLAND : m. 1. Ann Beckerstead on Jan 14, 1636/37 in Spalding, ENGLAND; m. 2. Isabel Anderson on Aug 29, 1639 in Spalding, ENGLAND : d. Aug 29, 1680 in Newport, RI
Devol, Thomas Sr. b. Sep 18, 1565, Spaulding, ENGLAND  : m. Margaret : d. Abt. 1637 in Spaulding, ENGLAND
Devol, Richard b. 1530 in Spalding, Lincolnshire, ENGLAND : m. Margaret Iden on Oct 6, 1560 in Spalding, ENGLAND :  d. Abt. 1624 in Spalding, Lincolnshire, ENGLAND
Dennington, Andrew De b. Abt. 1250 in Ipswich, Suffolk, ENGLAND : m. Isabella De TILNEY [parents of Robert Malyn]
Edwards, Harry "Curly" John b. August 2, 1928 in Bennington, VT: m. November 28, 1951 to Lola Adell Blue in Tenino, WA
Edwards, William Charles b. August 23, 1893 in Brooklyn, NY: m. 1. April 5, 1914 to Sarah Elizabeth Gormley in Guttenberg, NJ, m. 2. July 18, 1925 to Elizabeth Pearl Kelley in Bennington, VT: d. March 20, 1966 in Denville, NJ
Edwards, William b. August 4, 1863 in New York, NY: m. June 21, 1882 to Sophia Kaszner in Brooklyn, NY: d. August 2, 1933 in North Bergen, NJ
Edwards, John W.  b. ENGLAND: m. to Jane E. Soyers
Fisher, Elizabeth (Mayflower) b. circa 1582, ENGLAND : m. 19 February 1617/8, St. Mary Matfellon, Whitechapel, Middlesex, England : m. Stephen Hopkins : d. between 1638 and 1644, Plymouth, MA.
Groom, Mable Edna b. March 10, 1902 in Dayton, WA: m. November 27, 1925 to Frederick Fisk Blue in Tenino, WA: d. July 18, 1976 in Olympia, WA
Groom, Thomas Theodore b. June 10, 1876 in Boise, ID: m. November 4, 1899 in Waitsburg, WA to Ida Harriet Harting: d. September 22, 1942 in Dayton, WA
Groom, Morrison Penny b. January 15, 1843 in Washington Township, Franklin Co. OH: m. May 1870 in Crescent City, CA to Sarah Elizabeth Haight: d. December 8, 1918 in Portland, OR
Groom, Peter b. 1820 in Franklin Co., OH: m. March 7, 1842 in Dublin, OH to Martha Ann Shoemaker: d. March 2, 1858 in Appanoose Co. Iowa
Groom, Job b. 1795 in NJ: m. March 17, 1814 in Circleville, OH to Polly "Mary" Bloom: d. 1821/22 in Franklin Co. OH: d. 1821/22 in Washington Township, Franklin Co., OH
Haight, Sarah Elizabeth b. April 25, 1855/54 in Iowa: m. May 1870 in Crescent City, CA to Morrison Penny Groom: d. January 26, 1929 in Portland, OR
Haight, Job b. June 21, 1818 in OH: m. 1841/42 to Eliza Bridges
Haight, Cornelius A. b. October 10, 1783 in Dutchess Co., NY: m. 1800 to Abigail Attwood: d. August 12, 1873 in Mediapolis, Iowa
Haight, Aaron b. November 1, 1750 in Dutchess Co., NY: m. 1769 to Jemimah Waters: d. September 3, 1816
Haight, Aaron b. March 27, 1700/01 in Westchester Co., NY: m. 1744 in Boston, MA to Meribah Dowell (Deval): d. 1786 [son of Moses Hoyt Jr.]
Hall, Phebe m. Jacob Cooke
Harting, Ida Harriet b. August 20, 1882 in Russell, KS: m November 4, 1899 to Thomas Theodore Groom in Waitsburg, WA: d. March 27, 1965 in Dayton, WA
Harting, Adam Thomas b. November 10, 1855 in Peoria, IL: m. May 8, 1879 in Russell, KS to Ruth Ann Ashcraft: d. January 25, 1939 in Dayton, WA
Hendrichs, Sarah [Hendrix] b. before 1654 in GERMANY: m. George Shoemaker: d. Cheltenham, PA
Heyrown, Mary b: Abt. 1286 in Lynn, Shropshire, ENGLAND : m. Robert Malyn
Hopkins, Damaris b. before 1627, Plymouth, MA: m. 1646 Jacob Cooke
Hopkins, Stephen [Mayflower] Baptized: 30 April 1581, Upper Clatford, Hampshire, ENGLAND, m. Elizabeth Fisher, 19 February 1617/8, St. Mary Matfellon, Whitechapel, Middlesex, England : d. Between 6 June 1644 and 17 July 1644, at Plymouth, MA.
Hopkins, John m. Elizabeth Williams.
Howard, Jemima b: Dec 10, 1719 in Lynn, Essex, MA : m. Dec 30, 1729 in Hebron, CT to Samuel Waters
Hoyt, Moses, Jr. [Haight] m. Elizabeth "Elinor" Shute [parents of Aaron Haight Sr.]
Hoyt, Moses m. Elizabeth Budd
Hoyt, Simon m. Suzannah Smith
Hoyt, John m. Ruth Smith
Hubbard, Ann m. William Barstow
Iden, Margaret  m: Oct 6, 1560 in Spalding, ENGLAND : d. Nov 30 1581 in Spalding, ENGLAND
Jans, Aeltje b. circa 1655: m. Jan Blau before 1677: d. after 1699
Jans, Jan of Brooklyn
Janss, Grietien m. 1. [Blue Ancestor] Frederick Janss, 2. in 1653 in New Amsterdam (NY) to Jan Pieterse Staats
Kaszner, Eliza Carolina Sophia b. November 21, 1863 in NY: m. June 21, 1882 to William Edwards in Brooklyn, NY: d. April 15, 1916 in Fairview, NJ
Kaszner, Louis b. GERMANY: m. to Amelia Muller
Kelley, Elizabeth Pearl b. August 10, 1896 in Rockville Centre, NY: m. 1. August 16, 1915 to Sylvester Day, m. 2. July 18, 1925 to William Charles Edwards in Bennington, VT: d. December 11, 1991 in Cobleskill, NY
Kelley, Charles b. October 1871 in Clover Hill, VA:
Kelly, John W. b. 1834/35 in VA: m. December 14, 1865 in Henrico, VA to Eliza A. Brown:
Leonhardt, Rosy L. b. December 31, 1877 in Hicksville, NY: d. October 30, 1951 in Southwick, MA
Leonhardt, August b. 1841/42 in PRUSSIA m. Caroline "Rose" Redmond
Levering, Amelia b. 1708 in Roxborough, PA: m. in Abington, PA to Abraham Shoemaker: d. February 7, 1762 in Cheltenham, PA
Lindley, Phebe m. Jacob Cooke
Mahieu, Hester le m. Francis Cooke on June 30, 1603 in Leyden, Holland : d. abt. 1666 in Plymouth, MA.
Malyn, Robert  b. Abt. 1282 in Lynn, Shropshire, England : m. Mary Heyrown : d. Bef. 1315 [Father of John Le Chaucer]
Manning, Phebe b: Abt. 1566 in Downe, Kent, ENGLAND : m. 1600 in London, England to James Waters : d. Abt. 1642 in Salem, Essex, MA
Manning, George b. 1520 in St Cray, Kent, ENGLAND : m. 1540 Joan (Johanne) Wallis [Wallys]: d. May 08, 1582 in Downe, Kent, England
Manning, John "of Downe"  b. Abt. 1481 in Downe, Kent, ENGLAND : m. Agnes Petley (Petty) : d. May 10, 1542 in  Down, Kent, England
Manning, Hugh [Hugo] "of Kerrington & St. Mary Cray" b.c. 1432 ENGLAND: m. Abt. 1480 to Elizabeth Brandon : d. 1502
Manning, John "of Godham & St. Mary Cray" b.c. 1402 in Codham, Kent, ENGLAND: m. Abt. 1431 to Juliana Brockhill: d. 1436
Manning, John b.c. 1365 Codham, Kent, ENGLAND: m. Abt. 1401 to Alice de Walden: d. 1412-1413.
Manning, Simon "of Godham and Bertsey" b.c. 1344 ENGLAND living in 1383: m. Abt. 1364 to Katharine Chaucer [sister to Geoffrey Chaucer] in London, ENGLAND
Manning, William "of Godham" b.c. 1301 ENGLAND: m. Daughter of Richard de Chersolt (Chyrfold): d. 1347:
Manning Stephen b.c. 1270 ENGLAND: d.1310
Manning, Simon b.c. 1235: m. 1269
Manning, Simon de still living in 1203 [Standard Bearer to King Richard I of England, Crusader 1187-1190]
McFarland, Sarah m. Stephen Cooke
Miller, Lydia m. Jacob Cooke
Miller, Mary b. IRELAND: m. Stephen Rinehart
Muller, Amelia b. GERMANY: m. to Louis Kaszner
Odlin, Hannah b. Aug 29, 1643 in Boston, MA  : m. July 27, 1674 in Portsmouth, RI to Jonathan Davol Sr. : d. Abt. 1717 in Newport, Newport County, RI
Parris, Abigail m. Job Simmons
Parris, Samuel  m.Ruth Bonney: d. 1793
Petley (Petty), Agnes b. Abt. 1502 in Downe, Kent, ENGLAND : m. John Manning of Downe
Pierson, Clarissa b. 1825: m. July 15, 1847 to Daniel Blue: d. 1890
Pierson, Jacob b. 1801 in OH : m. Mary Wade in 1820 : d. 1851.
Pierson, Philemon m. 1800 to Rebecca Cooke
Plasse or Plaise, Rejoice "Joyce" b. 1616 in St Botolph, Aldersgate, London, ENGLAND : m. Salem, Essex, MAto Richard Waters : d. Abt. 1687 in Salem, Essex, MA
Plasse, William
Redmond, Caroline "Rose" b. 1856/57 in NY: m. to August Leonhardt
Richardson, Susannah m. October 25, 1752 in Abington, PA to William Shoemaker: d. June 22, 1782 in Abington, PA
Richardson, Aubrey b. 1700: m. in Cheltenham, PA to Margaret Thomas: d. in Cheltenham, PA
Richardson, Joseph b. July 27, 1643 in Bristol Township, Philadelphia, PA:  m. 30 June 1696 in Merion, PA to Elizabeth Bevan: d. Providence, Perkiomen, PA
Richardson, Samuel b. Spanish Town, JAMAICA: m. Eleanor: d. June 10, 1719 in Abington, PA
Rinehart, Margaret Jane b. August 15, 1860 in County Kildare, IRELAND: m. October 14, 1888 to Wilbur Fisk Blue in Seattle, WA: d. December 31, 1924 in Tenino, WA
Roesen, Agnes b. before 1609: m. to Arnold Shoemaker
Sanford, Sarah m. Richard Shute
Shafer, Susan b. October 20, 1789 in Kingston, Luzerne, PA m. December 30, 1808 in Kingson, Luzerne, PA to Malachai J. Shoemaker: d. February 17, 1885 in Windfall, Bradford, PA
Shafer, John Adam b. 1754 near Philadelphia, PA:  m. 1785 in Walpack, Sussex, NJ to Elisabeth Swartwood
Shafer, Frederick
Shoemaker, Martha Ann b. 1822 in Luzerne, PA: m. 1. March 7, 1842 in Dublin, OH to Peter Groom, 2. February 10, 1859 in Appanoose Co. Iowa to John B. Gilliland: d. March 7, 1880 in Worth Co., MO
Shoemaker, Malachai J.  b. January 5, 1772 in Abington, PA: m. December 30, 1808 in Kingston, Luzerne, PA to Susan Shafer: d. June 14, 1837 in Alba, Bradford, PA
Shoemaker, William b. 1722 in Bristol Township, PA: m. 1. October 25, 1752 in Abington, PA to Susannah Richardson, 2. July 9, 1795 in Abington, PA to Hannah Tomkins: d. May 8, 1804 in Abington, PA
Shoemaker, Abraham b. May 15, 1697 in Cheltenham, PA: m. in Abington, PA to Amelia Levering: d. October 1753 in Bristol Township, Philadelphia, PA
Shoemaker, George b. 1663 in Kreigsheim, GERMANY: m.1. December 14, 1694 in Cheltenham, Philadelphia, PA to Sarah Wall, 2. 1711 in Cheltenham PA to Christiana Brown: d. July 7, 1740 in Cheltenham, PA
Shoemaker, George  [Schumacher] m. 1662 in Heidelberg, GERMANY to Sarah Hendrichs: d. 1684/85 in Heidelberg, GERMANY
Shoemaker, Arnold b. before 1609 in Dollendorf,GERMANY: m. Agnes Roesen
Shute, Elizabeth "Elinor" m. Moses Hoyt [Haight]
Shute, Richard b. 1639 MA: m. Sarah Sanford: d. 1670.
Shute, Thomas b.c. 1613: d. 1671
Simmons, Mary b. May 7, 1769: m. James Attwood
Simmons, Job b. May 20, 1720: m. to Abigail Paris
Simmons, Job m. Mary Bishop
Simmons, Moses m. Patience Barstow
Simmons, Moses m. Sarah Chandler: d. circa 1697
Smith, Ruth m. John Hoyt
Smith, Susanna m. Simon Hoyt
Stephen Rinehart b. GERMANY: m. Mary Miller
Soyers, Jane E. b. ENGLAND: m. to John W. Edwards
Stalworthy, Mary: m. 1669/70 to James Waters
Sterling, Ann b. March 14, 1683/84 in Haverhill, Essex County, MA : m. Samuel Waters : d. Aft. July 1749
Swartwood, Elisabeth b. October 14, 1768 in Minisink Valley, Northampton Co., PA: m. 1785 in Walpack, Sussex, NJ to John Adam Shafer: d. before 1814 in Kingston Borough, Luzerne, PA
Swartwout, Thomas b. circa 1730 in Peenpack, Ulster, NY: m. June 4, 1754 in Walpack, Sussex, NJ to Elizabeth Ennes: d. Dingman Township, Northampton (now Pike) Co., PA
Swartwout, Barnardus christened October 31, 1697 in Kingston, Ulster, NY: m. October 6, 1720 in Kingston, Ulster, NY to Grietjen (Margriet) Decker: d. about 1773 in Lehman, Northampton, PA
Swartwout, Antoni christened May 11, 1664 in Wiltwyck, NY: m. May 8, 1693 in Hurley, Ulster, NY to Jannetje Jacobus Coobes: d. 1700 in Maghaghkemeck, NY
Swartwout, Roeloff christened June 1, 1634 in Oude Kirk, Amsterdam, HOLLAND: m. August 13, 1657 in Veverswyck, New Netherlands to Eva (Aeffie) Bradt [1. de Hooges]: d. May 1715 in Hurley, Ulster, NY
Swartwout, Tomys b. 1607 in Groningen, NETHERLANDS: m. 1. April 7, 1630 in Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, HOLLAND to Adrijetjen Sijmons, m. 2. June 3, 1631 in Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, HOLLAND to Hendrickjen Barents Otsen: d. 1660 in Ulster, NY
Swartwout, Rolef b. 1575 in Groningen, HOLLAND: m. Catryna: d. 1634 in Groningen, HOLLAND
Taverner, Robert Le b. Abt. 1230 in Ipwich, Suffolk, ENGLAND  : m. Dulcia : d. Bef. 1280 [parents of Andrew de Dennington]
Tilney, Isabella De  b. Abt. 1254 in Lynn, Shropshire, ENGLAND : m.Andrew de Dennington
Wade, Mary m. Jacob Pierson
Walden, Alice (de) b. Abt. 1369 in Codham, Kent, ENGLAND : m. Abt. 1401 to John Manning
Wall, Sarah b. Shoemakertown, PA: m. December 14, 1694 in Cheltenham, Philadelphia, PA: m. December 14, 1694 in Cheltenham, Philadelphia, PA to George Shoemaker: d. 1711 in Shoemakertown, PA
Wall, Richard b. circa 1661 in Gloucester, ENGLAND: m. Rachel: d April 8, 1689 in Shoemakertown, PA
Wall, Richard christened November 1, 1635 in Wedmore, Somersetshire, ENGLAND: m. August 1, 1658 in Devonshire Frs., Gloucester, ENGLAND to Joane Wheel: d. March 26, 1698 in Ogontz, Cheltenham, PA
Wall, Richard christened April 25, 1601 in Wedmore, Somersetshire, ENGLAND: m. December 23, 1634 in Wedmore, Somersetshire, ENGLAND to Katherine Waule
Waule, John m. Agnes Reeve [father of Richard Wall]
Waule, Thomas m. Joan Shepherd [father of Katherine Waule]
Wallis, Johanne [Joan Walls] b. 1524 in  Downe, Kent, ENGLAND : m: August 13, 1540 in St Mary Cray, Kent, England to George Manning : d. June 5, 1582
Waters, Jemima b. May 10, 1744: m. 1767 to Aaron Haight Jr.
Waters, Samuel b. May 29, 1719 in Hebron, CT: m. April 14, 1740 in CT or 1746? Jemima Howard: d April 24, 1782 Amenia NY or CT?
Waters, Samuel b. May 22, 1679 in Salem, MA: m. Ann Sterling in 1702: d. 12 Feb 1743 Hebron CT or Essex, MA or 1742 in CT?
Waters, James b. 1645 in MA or 1638 in ENGLAND?: m. 1. Mary Stalworthy on March 24, 1669 in Topsfield, MA ; m. 2. Rachel Hart on May 22, 1695: d. Sept 11, 1704 in Topsfield, Essex, MA
Waters, Richard b. March 3, 1604 in London, ENGLAND: m. Rejoice Plasse 1630: d. July 16, 1676 in Salem, MA
Waters, James b. August 29, 1568 London,  ENGLAND: m. Phebe Manning 1592
Waters, Henry ENGLAND m. 1. Dorothy Stephenson m. 2. Agnes Mounk
Williams, Elizabeth ENGLAND: m. John Hopkins
Wingfield, Elizabeth m. Sir William Brandon
Wingfield, Sir Robert
Wolf, Eve b. 1788 m. 1. ____ Bonnett 2. December 30, 1817  to Daniel Blue: d. 1881 in East Union, OH

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