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January 11, 2000


I agree that some of the data in the SAR Patriot Index is inconsistent with the information which I had compiled from other sources. I am including a copy of my current Haight charts following this. I have highlighted the information which appears to be inconsistent, blue. Where differences existed, I left the original data from my file in place. The information which was added in highlighted in yellow..

I make no representation about the accuracy of the Index. It was not too surprising that the information in the index was different. In comparing several of my other lines to the index I have found many other similar errors. The work of transcribing the index was done by volunteers working from photocopies of the application forms received by the SAR, and sometimes the forms were not entirely legible. In addition, the information on the applications can be sometimes be questionable.

While the index is helpful in getting leads on some details, it should only be used as a starting point for research. I included their data mainly to indicate where in the line of descendancy the SAR applicant(s) were.

I would be very interested if any of you have a better date for the marriage of Aaron Haight (b. 1806) to Lovilla Wilson (currently 1847), or any information which might indicate whether Mary Jane (1831), Moses (1832), and Clarissa (1836) were children of a previous marriage or other explanation of the inconsistency with Lovilla's age and marriage date.


Haight - Maternal Ancestors of John William Hill [ 6Ha ]

<52> From the Biography of Charles Henry Haight - The Haights were among the earliest of English emigrants to come to America. The original colonists were Simon and Susanna Haight/Hoyt, who were natives of Northumberland County, England, and came to America with the early Pilgrims of Massachusets. They were Quakers of Somersetshire, England, and came in their ship, the "Abigail", stopping first about ten miles from the later site of Boston. But having a grant of land thirty miles long and twelve miles wide on the Hudson River, they afterward went to New York.. In 1816 Cornelius Haight left New York and in 1838 arrived in Iowa.

The sources of the data on John Hill and the Haight ancestors pertinent to this section are:

<6> The Mormon Ancestral File

<16> U.S. Census records - of Des Moines Co., Iowa - 1850-1880

<26> Marriage record of John "Hile" to Sally Ann Haight on 30 Oct 1849

<42> Pension file of John Hill from the War of 1812

<47> Family Tree Maker file (Haight.ftm) received from Andy Ward

<48> Yellow Springs and Huron - Early Settlers - 1835-1849, biography of Cornelius Haight

<49> Family Tree Maker file (Hill3.ftm) received from Laura Balluf

<50> Real Estate Register #1, Des Moines Co., IA - probate of Haight, John 15 Oct 1875

<52> Narrative received from Rich Edwards, a descendant of Job Haight, who included a transcript of a

family bible listing the children of Cornelius and Abigail Haight.

<54> Grave registry, Kossuth Cem., Yellow Springs, IA & correspondence from Pearlie Moulden

<55> Grave registries of Cornelius and Abigail Haight - from Cindy Kenyon

<56> Ludlow Hill descendants - from Sgt James Babcock

<57> Ludlow Hill descendants - from Linda Dahlke

<58> History of Jedediah Hill and descendants from Harwood Hill, supplied by the Historical

Assoc. of South Jefferson, Adams, NY

<60> The SAR Patriot Index (CD edition, 1999)

From <48>Yellow Springs and Huron - Early Settlers - 1835-1849

"Cornelius Haight was one of the original pioneers in Iowa, arriving in 1837. He bought part of the Job

Carter claim and settled where Fred Heizer lived afterwards. . . (this article goes on to list his family

as shown below except for Sarah/Sally, who was omitted)

. . . Moses and Aaron were twins. They were large men, each tipping the beam at 250 pounds. Aaron

was a carpenter, and was killed in Burlington by falling from a scaffold. John lived for many years on

the home farm where Mrs. T. Davis now lives. His father (Cornelius) lived with him, and died in

1873, aged 89 yrs & 10 mos. . . . "

Conclusions and Questions

- The family bible <52> appears to be the most complete and accurate list of Corneliusís children.

- Phillip (1810), may have died before reaching majority age since he does not appear in the probate <50>.

- Joe and Bob (1818) listed by some references as son of Cornelius, are the same as Job Haight (1818).

Ref.<51> located Job Haight B: 21 Jun 1818 mar: to Eliza Bridges with 4 children in the 1856

Census, Yellow Sprngs Twp. It also located him with his family in Del Norte Co., CA at the time of

the 1870 census.

- The heirs on the real estate register are not necessarily children of the deceased. Sarah Hill, wife of John

Hill and sister of Aaron and John Haight, may have been included in Aaronís will along with his

children because of her need. Her husband, John, died in the county poor farm about half a year after

Aaron died, and the estimated property evaluations in the 1850 and 1860 censuses indicated that John

and Sarah were not doing well financially - compared to their neighbors.

Maternal Ancestors of John William Hill [ 6Ha0 ]



0. Simon Hoyt B: 20 Jan 1590, Upway, Dorch., England <==[ 1H2 ]

D: 1 Sep 1657, Stamford, CT

+ Susanna Smith

1. Moses Hoyt B: 1637 D: 1712, East Chester, NY

+ Elizabeth Budd

2. Moses Hoyt Jr. B: 1662, Fairfield, CT D: 4 Mar 1711, East Chester, NY

+ Elizabeth "Elinor" Shute

3. Aaron Haight B: 27 Mar 1700/01, Stanford, CT D: 1779

+ Meribah Dowell (Deval)

- - - - - * all the above is from the Mormon Ancestral file, with names conf. by <52> - - - - - - -

4. Aaron Hoyt/Haight Jr. b: 01 Nov 1750, Crum Elbow, Duchess,NY <52,60>

d: 3 Sep 1816, CT <52>

* Patriot, US Revolution; Pvt. CT NY Mil <60>

Mar: Jemima Waters in 1767 b: 1752 Hebron, Washington, NY

* The dates of Jemima's marriage & death from the Patriot Index (1769) are erroneous

5. Cornelius A. Haight b: 10 Oct 1783 Duchess Co., NY ==>[ 6Ha1 ]

d: 12 Aug 1873, bur. Kossuth Cem., IA <48,55>

Mar: in 1800 <60, 52>

Abigail Attwood b: 24 Apr 1785, Duchess Co., NY <52,54,55> d: 26 Sep 1856, bur. Kossuth Cem.,IA (at 74) <48,55>

The Mormon Ancestral File <6> also lists two generations preceding Simon:

-2. John HOYT Born: [1530] AFN: FVC8-P3

-1. John HOYT Born: [abt. 1564-65] AFN: 8MH7-18

Died: Dorchester, England

Mar: Ruth Smith abt. 1589, Upway, Dorset, England AFN: 8MH7-2

Born: Abt 1568-1571, Upway,D,, England

Died: 01 Sep 1657 (or 1664), England

Maternal Ancestors of John William Hill [ 6Ha1 ]

Cornelius Haight


5. Cornelius A. Haight b: 10 Oct 1783 Duchess Co., NY

d: 12 Aug 1873, Mediapolis, DesMoines Co. <48,55>

bur. Kossuth Cem., IA Mar: Abigail Attwood b: 24 Apr 1785, Duchess Co., NY <52,54,55>

d: 26 Sep 1856, bur. Kossuth Cem.,IA (at 74) <48,55>

6. Mary Haight b: 14 Mar1801, Kingsbury, Wash. Co., NY ==>[6Ha2]

6. James Haight b: 25 Jun 1802 Livingston, Wash. Co., NY ==>[6Ha2]

6. Sidney Haight b: 09 Jan 1804 Bolton, Washington Co., NY ==>[6Ha3]

6. Moses Haight | b: 01 Feb 1806 Bolton, Washington Co., NY ==>[6Ha2]

| twins

6. Aaron Haight | b: 01 Feb 1806 Bolton, Washington Co., NY 7 children

d: Abt. 03 Aug 1868 Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA ==>[6Ha4]

Mar: Lovilla Wilson on 11 Mar 1847 in Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA

6. Julia Haight b: 08 Sep 1808, Bolton, Washington Co., NY

Mar: George Terrill

7. Ruben Terrill <50>

7. Abegale Terrill b. 18 Mar 1835 Mar: William Henry Welbourn <50>

8. Mattie Cornelia ==> ______ => Pearlie Moulden <54>

6. Phillip Haight b: 04 Jun 1810 Bolton, Washington Co., NY

6. Clary Elizabeth Haight b: 18 Jan 1812, NY d: 21 Apr 1888, Yellow Springs, IA <48,49,47>

Mar: Davis Morris Bridges <48,52>

7. James A. Bridges <48>

7. John D. Bridges <48>

6. Cornelius Haight, Jr. b: 03 Jan 1814 Bolton, Washington Co., NY <52>

d: 1891 MO <48>

6. John Haight b: 18 Jan 1816 Schayhikook, Branster, NY <47,48,49,50>

d: 15 Oct 1875 DesMoines Co., IA <50>

Mar: Minerva Bridges d: 1878 <48> no children (probate is ref <50>)

6. Job (or Joe) Haight b. 21 Jun 1818, OH <49> (Job <48,49,52>, Joe in <50>) ==>[ 6Ha3 ]

6. Abigail Haight b. 26 Nov 1819, OH <49> Mar: _ Tyson & moved to NY <48,50>

6. Eunice Haight b. 24 Jul 1822, OH <49> Mar: Miles Todd d: 1891 <48,50>

6. Sarah Ann Haight b. 26 Jul 1824, Marieta?, OH <52> <16,42,47,4950>

Mar: John Henry Hill ==>[ 6H0 ]

6. Elizabeth Haight (Liza) b: 10 Jul 1825, OH <47,48,49,50> ==>[ 6Ha2 ]

Mar: Eben B. Hill (Jr.) on 09 Jan 1845 in DesMoines Co., IA <49> <==[ 5H0-1 ]

Descendants of Cornelius Haight [ 6Ha2 ]

6. Mary Haight b: 14 Mar1801, Kingsbury, Wash. Co., NY d: 1856-1875 <==[6Ha1]

* children and spouses from <50>

Mar: John Bickford on 08 Dec 1818 (of Yellow Springs & Huron Twps. ,48>)

7. Harriet Bickford Mar: ____ Norton d: ____, Washington Co., ?

7. Mary Bickford

7. Mellisa Francis Bickford Mar: ____ Travers

7. Benjamin Bickford

7. Cornelius Bickford

7. Clarissa Bickford Mar: ____ Vinton

7. Cornelius Thompson ?? adopted

7. Mahala Bickford Mar: Charles Ellenwood on 5 Dec 1839 <52>

6. James Haight b: 25 Jun 1802 Livingston, Wash. Co., NY <==[6Ha1]

d: 12 Apr 1879 Smith River, Del Norte, CA

Mar: on __ 1826 in Athens, OH

Lydia Howard b. 1802, NY d: 1852, Fort Hall, Bannock Co., ID <60>

7. Henry Haight b: 1827, Athens Co., OH M: Margaret Gibson <48,52>,

8. Charles Henry Hill b: [1875]

7. Daniel Haight b: M: ___ McVay <52>

7. Minerva Haight b: 18 Apr 1836, Marietta, OH d: 13 Jun 1914, Spokane, WA <60>

Mar: on 8 Jan 1854 <60>

Henry Harry Burbank b: 3 Aug 1828, Astabula, Astabula Co., OH d: 8 Mar 1908, Spokane, WA

8. Minnie Inez Burbank b: 7 Mar 1871, Maxie, WA d: 7 Oct 1950, Victoria, BC, Canada <60>

Mar: on 14 Apr 1892 James Mathew Smith b: 18 Sep 1860, Franklin, PA

9. Betty Pauline Smith b: 1898 M: on 1922 Ralph Carlton Fraser b: 1896, Spokane, WA

10. Ralph James Fraser M: Barbara June Twigg (da's: Susan, Ann, Nancy)

6. Elizabeth (Eliza) Haight b: 10 Jul 1825, OH <47,52> <==[6Ha1]

d: 15 Dec 1856, Oregon, bur. Burch Cem., Polk Co., OR <52>

Mar: on 04 Jan 1845 in Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA <47>

+Eben Hill Jr. b: [1811-1815], Jefferson Co., NY <==[ 5H0-1 ]

d: 27 Nov 1868, Oregon <47>

7. Armilda Abigale Hill b. Mar: ____ Anders <50,52,47>

7. Annie Hill b. Mar: ____ Hammer <47,52>

7. Ester M. Hill b. Mar: ____ Banton <47,52>

7. Larrisa Hill b. <50>

7. Lafayette F. Hill b. 28 Jun 1855 d. 1935, Inglewood, CA <47,50,52>

Mar: Emma Mellissa Locke * whose parents came to OR in 1845 on the Oregon Trail

8. Roy LaFayette, 1883; Emma Aurelia, 1886; James Lester, 1889; Eva Esther, 1891;

Erma Julia, 1894; Lolita Fay, 1900; Luella Florence,1900;

Dale Herschel, 1902; Bertram Ladue,1905; Herbert H., 1910; <53>

and 8. Claude Locke Hill b. 21 Jul 1884, Independence, OR d. 1969 "

9. Ruby Alice Hill b. 13 Mar 1910 Mar: __ Sherman "

10. Mary Lou, Laura Lee, John Jay

& 10. Paula Jean Sherman-Bowden b. 28 Jun 1949 Author: ref <53,>

* Ebon B. Hill Jr., son of Eben Hill (1791), moved to Ohio after he married and went West in 1842 on

the Oregon Trail, settling in to Hillsboro, OR. Eben Jrís wife, Eliza, is bur. is about one mi. SE of

Rickreall, OR. Lafayette and Emma settled in Independence, OR, later homesteaded in Washtucna, WA

after Erma was born and moved to CA aft. 1923, as did several of their children.

Descendants of Cornelius Haight [ 6Ha3 ]

6. Sidney Haight b: 09 Jan 1804 Bolton, Washington Co., NY d: bef. 1875 <==[6Ha1]

Mar: _______ _______ * children and spouses from <50>

7. Anna Marie Haight Mar: John George Shipley in 1855 at Burlington, IA <55>

7. Richard Haight

7. Henry Haight bur: 09 Dec 1887, Burlington, DesMoines, IA

7. Mary Ellen Haight Mar: ____ Fetrow

6. Job Haight b. June 21, 1818, Ohio <==[6Ha1]

Mar: on September 16, 1841, Warren Township, Iowa <52>

+ Eliza Bridges b. 1820/21, Ohio (da.of Benjamin Bridges and Abigail Ellenwood)

*Elizaís sister - Minerva Bridges-Haight, mar: John Haight (1816).

7. Jacob Austin Haight b. Jan 1843, Iowa

d. 10 Nov 10, 1928, Crescent City, Del Norte Co., CA Mar: Jane E. Jenkins on April 15, 1871 in Del Norte County, CA

7. Mary Haight b. 1844/45, Iowa

Mar: Loring A. Sevey on April 28, 1868 in Del Norte Co., CA

7. Cornelius Haight b. 1852/53, Iowa

7. Sarah Elizabeth Haight b. April 26, 1855 Yellow Springs Twp., Des Moines Co., Iowa

d. January 26, 1929, Portland, OR Mar: on May 8, 1870, Smith River Township, Del Norte County, CA

+ Morrison Penny Groom

8. Thomas Theodore Groom b. 1876 d. 1942

Mar: ________

9. Mable Edna Groom b.

Mar: _____ Blue

10. Lola Adell Blue

11. Rich Edwards Author ref <52>

8. Ruth Groom-Cushin b.[1886]

7. John W. Haight b. 1859/60, Iowa

7. James L. Haight b. 1862/63, Del Norte County, CA

* Family tradition holds that the Job Haight family moved from Council Bluffs, IA to the Crescent City, CA

area around 1861. <52> holds that Jobís family was in Cow Creek, Douglas Co.,OR in 1880 Census.

1856 Iowa state census record listing, Yellow Springs Township:

Job Haight 37 Male Married Years in State 18 Born Ohio

Eliza Haight 35 Female Married Years in State 15 born Ohio

Austin Haight 13 Male Unmarried Born Iowa (Jacob Austin __)

Mary Haight 11 Female Born Iowa

Cornelius Haight 3 Male Born Iowa

Sarah Haight 1 Female Born Iowa

1870 US Census for California, Del Norte county

Haight, Job 52 Male White Laborer born Ohio

Eliza 48 Female White keeping house born Ohio

Cornelius 17 Male White Laborer

John W. 10 Male White

James L. 7 Male White

Living practically next door is:

Haight, J.A. 27 Male White Laborer born Iowa (Jacob Austin Haight)

Descendants of Cornelius Haight [ 6Ha4 ]


6. Aaron Haight b: 01 Feb 1806 Bolton, Washington Co., NY <47> <==[6Ha1]

d: Abt. 03 Aug 1868 Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA

* carpenter, killed in a fall from a scaffold

? Mar: on 11 Mar 1847 ?? in Plymouth Twp., Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA ?? <47>

* at her motherís home (marriage date is preceded by first 3 children ?)

+Lovilla Wilson b: 23 Jul 1815, NY d: 05 Aug 1870, Burlington, IA


7. Mary Jane Haight b: Abt. 1831 <1850 census, IA> *2 <16,50>

* Mary Jane may be a da. of Cornelius. She is mentioned in the reunion of 1904

as Sarah Annís sister.

7. Moses Haight b: Abt. 1832 OH *2 <50>

7. Clarissa Elizabeth Haight b: 20 Apr 1836 IN d: Bef. 1892 *2 <47>

Mar: on 16 Jun 1856 in Burlington, DesMoines Co., IA by D.K. Harris (JP) <47>

+ Milton Saliday b: abt. 1835, Washington, IN <47>

8. Milton B. Halliday b: abt. 1862, DesMoines, IA <47>

8. Charles Haliday b: abt. 1875, DesMoines, IA <47>

7. Alice Amanda Haight b: 10 Nov 1847, Kossuth, IA <47,51>

or Adelia Amanda Haight d: 10 Oct 1888, Ottumwa, IA <51>

Mar: on 11 Feb 1869 in Sagetown, Henderson Co., IL

+ James Madison Randall (son of John Randall & Abigail -<msg: Jan Randall>) <51>

8. Zelda Belle Randall b. 11-17-1871 in Bloomington IL.

8. Lucy E Randall b.8-30-1873 in Burlington IA.

8. George Washington Randall born 12-23-1879 in Milton, Van Buren Co.IA.

7. Zelda Alvesta Haight b: 25 May 1851 Burlington, DesMoines, IA <47>

d: 06 May 1935 Chula Vista, CA <47>

Mar: on 15 Aug 1872 in Cheyenne, Laramie Co., WY <47>

+Benjamin Franklin Ketcham b. 01 Oct 1842, Chesterville, Morrow, OH <47,50>

d: 21 May 1908 Cheyenne, Laramie Co., WY ?

* Ten children fm 1873-1898. Andy Ward <47> is desc. of Florence Ketcham (1890-1982)

*2 Note that the birthdates of Mary, Moses, and Clarissa precede Lovillaís marriage date

6. Moses Haight b: 01 Feb 1806 Bolton, Washington Co., NY d: bef. 1875 <==[6Ha1]

Mar: _______ _______ * children from <50>

7. Clarissa Haight

7. Matthew Haight * <47> lists as Martha

7. Angeline Haight * <47> lists as Augustina

7. Elmira Haight * <47> lists as EL-IZA

7. Cornelius Haight

Transcript of Real Estate Register #1 - Des Moines County, Iowa

Reference <50> - items in italics have been added by author

Heirs of John Haight - who died 15 Oct 1875 Page 73

Minerva Knight 67 Mediapolis, IA no issue

Authors comments

Heirs of Moses Haight deed (Brother of John Haight) d: bef. 1875

Clarissa Haight da. of Moses

Matthew Haight son " "

Angeline Haight da. " "

Elmira Haight da. " "

Cornelius Haight son " "

Heirs of Aaron Haight deed (Brother of John Haight) d: Aug 1868

Sarah Hill sister of John - M: John Henry Hill

Mary Jane Haight da. (unmarried ?) b. [1831]

Clarissa Saladay da. Clarissa Elizabeth b. 1832

Delia R. Randall da. Adelia Amanda b. 1847

Zelda Ketchum da. b. 1851, m: Benjamin Ketcham

Moses Haight son b. abt 1832, OH

Heirs of Julia Terrill deed (Sister of John, M: George Terrill ) d: bef. 1875

Ruben Terrill

Abegale Welbourn

Heirs of Elizabeth Hill deed (Sister of John - M: Eben Hill) d: 1856, OR

Larrisa Hill

Armilda Hill (friends say should be Armilda Abegale Hill)

Lafayette Hill

Heirs of Mary Bickford (Sister of John, m: John Bickford) d:bef.1875

Harriett Norton Milxusa Travers

Mary Bickford Benjamin Bickford

Cornelius Thompson Cornelius Bickford

Clarissa Vinton

Heirs of Sidney Haight (Brother of John ) B: 1804, d: bef. 1875

Anna Shipley

Richard Haight

Henry Haight

Mary E. Fetrow

Names of Heirs (other) brothers and sisters

James Haight Calif. b. 1802

Clarissa Bridges Mediapolis, IA b. 1812 M: Morris Bridges

Abigail Tyson N.Y. b. 1819 M: _____ Tyson

Eunice Todd Ill b. 1822 M: Miles Todd

Joe Haight Oregon b. 1818 Same as Job Haight

Cornelius Haight IA b. 1814

Descendants of Cornelius Haight [ 6Ha3-1 ]

Later Descendants of Job Haight

From Rich Edwards on Jan 12, 2000 file HaightAdd.Doc


7. Sarah Elizabeth Haight b. Apr 26, 1855 Yellow Springs Twp., Des Moines Co., Iowa

d. Jan 26, 1929, Portland, OR

Mar:on May 8, 1870, Smith River Township, Del Norte County, CA

+ Morrison Penny Groom (son of Peter Groom & Martha Ann Shoemaker)

8. Marion Groom b. May 10, 1872, Crescent City, Del Norte, CA

8. Emma Groom b. Apr 21, 1874, Boise, Ada, ID

8. Thomas Groom b. Jun 10, 1876, Boise, Ada, ID

d. Sep 22, 1942, Dayton, WA

Mar: on Nov 4, 1899 in Waitsburg,WA

+ Ida Harriet Harting (daughter of Adam Thomas Harting and Ruth Ann Ashcraft)

9. Mable Edna Groom b. Mar 10, 1902 Dayton, WA

d. Jul 18, 1976, Olympia, WA

Mar: on Nov 27 1925 in Tenino, WA

+ Frederick Fisk Blue (son of Wilbur Fisk Blue and Margaret Jane Rinehart)

10. Barbara Jean Blue b. Jan 22, 1928 Tenino, WA

10. Lola Adell Blue b. Apr 4, 1931 Tenino, WA

Mar: on November 28, 1951 Tenino, WA

+Harry John Edwards (son of William Charles Edwards and Elizabeth Pearl Kelley)

11. Richard Alan Edwards b. Jun 23, 1955 Olympia, WA Author ref <52>

Mar: on July 23, 1977 in Elma, WA

+ Wendy Denise Page (daughter of Denzel Lowell Page and Edna Wright)

12. William Arthur Edwards b. Aug 12, 1982

11. Carolee J. Edwards b. Jun 12, 1957 Olympia, WA

11. Robert Leroy Edwards b. Nov 8, 1963 Olympia, WA

9. Myrtle Evelyn Groom b. Nov 11, 1903

9. Morrison Penny Groom b. Oct 3, 1905

9. Cecil Leonard Groom b. Sep 25, 1909

8. [baby] Groom b. Abt. 1878, ID

8. Ollie Groom b. Sep 28, 1880, Lebanon, Linn, OR

8. Lucie Groom b. before 1886, Joseph, Union, OR

8. Owen Albert Groom b. May 11 1882, Waitsburg, Columbia, WA

8. Ida May Groom b. June 26 1884, Joseph, Union, OR

8. Ruth Rhea Groom b. Oct 1887, Huntsville, Columbia, WA

8. Mary Groom b. Mar 16 1888, Sellwood, WA

8. Bessie Eva Groom b. Mar 16 1890, Roy, Pierce, WA

8. Cora (Peggy) Groom b. Sep 16 1895, Waitsburg, Columbia, WA

I have also, just today, received a transcript of a book about Del Norte Co., CA provided by Pearlie Moulden which has an interesting article about James Haight.


The first white men to be seen in the Smith River Valley were James Haight and his son Daniel who had arrived in Crescent City in May 1853 and soon afterwards settled in the Smith River Valley. This was not their first trip to California, for on April 2, 1850, James Haight with his two sons, Henry and Daniel, and three brothers, Moses, Cornelius, and Jacob Haight with an Uncle Eben Hill had arrived in Hangtown, California, on September 5, 1850, after a journey of five months and three days from their Iowa home. An account of this trip was left by Henry Haight and kept by his daughter, Mrs. Martha (Haight) Stapleton of Burlington, Iowa. The account told of their mining and the gambling places; the hangings were described, as well as a talk by Brigham Young at Salt Lake. Near Salt Lake, the party had stayed with a Haight cousin who had exchanged their tired, worn-out oxen for fresh ones. The men

rested there for several weeks before they returned to Iowa where Henry Haight purchased his Iowa farm with the gold he had found in California. On account of his wife's health, James Haight and his son

Daniel again started for California, but were detained at Fort Hall where the wife died and was buried along the trail. Father and son drove their oxen team across her grave to hide it from the Indians and

continued their journey to the west.

James Haight b. 6-26-1801 in Dutchess County, New York, son of Cornelius and Abigail (Atwood) Haight, went with his parents who first settled in Athens County, Ohio, in 1816, and in 1837 moved to Mediapolis, Des Moines County, Iowa, where a branch of the family continue to live. James Haight m. 1826 in Athens County, Ohio, Lydia Howard Fulton. Their two children were: Henry b. 1-13-1827 in Marietta, Ohio, m. Margaret Givson; Daniel b. 4-2-1829 in Marietta, Ohio, became the first white settler in the Smith River Valley, where he was married 3-1-1868 to Mrs. Fannie (McVay) Adams, a widow with four children. Her husband had been killed in Newton County, Missouri, prior to the trouble

between the states at the time of the Civil War. In 1866, her brother Joseph McVay had returned to Missouri for her and her orphaned children, and brought them west to join the rest of her family who had been living in the Smith River Valley since 1860. On the way west, the children had the whooping cough, and at San Francisco they missed the monthly steamer to Crescent City. Joseph McVay, ever a resourceful pioneer, took his charges to Sacramento where they caught the stage for Jacksonville, Oregon. There Joseph bought a team of horses and a wagon and drove them to Smith River over that early road that could scarcely be called one.

The Adams children were: Elizabeth m. William Hargraves; Benonia b.10-2-1860 m. Martha Smith; Sophronia m. James Hursh; Eddie b. 8-27-1864 in Newton County, Missouri, named for her father, Edward Adams, who was killed in 1864, m. in Del Norte County, William Westbrook.

The children of Fannie McVay and her second husband, Daniel Haight, were: Lydia m. Riley Packard; Laura m. 1st Bert Thomas, m. 2nd Frank Cassidy; Ada m. Joseph Hursh; Letsy m. Lot Beckstead; Henrietta m. Milo Woodruff; Frank m. Mae Plaisted; Fred m. Stella Trumble; Fred Haight,

present supervisor of Del Norte County from Smith River.

In the "Haight-Hoyt Genealogy" by D. W. Hoyts and in the "Haight Genealogy" by Aaron Haight may be found the lineage of James and Daniel Haight whose ancestors are traced many generations into the New England states and into England. Aaron Haight was the Revolutionary War ancestor b. 1-11-1750 in Dutchess County, New York. (See D.A.R. number 136213).

The descendants of James and Daniel Haight are also eligible to join the Society of the Magna Charta through the lineage of the wife of Aaron Haight. Her names was Jemima Waters,a descendant of Richard de Manning, Crusader Richard I, 1190 A.D. Downe, Kent, England; King Edward I of England was also an ancestor. It is said that once a lineage has been traced back into these royal lines, it is well recorded and defined back to Adam.

by Richard A. Edwards

I have a HUGE amount of information on the descendants of Morrison Penny Groom and Sarah Elizabeth Haight (1854-1929) but before I try to explain how we're related to most of Columbia County, Washington State, here is what I have about Job Haight and family.

The 1856 Iowa State Census for Yellow Springs Township, Des Moines
County, Iowa (p89 l95) shows:
Name           Age Sex Married
                      Years in Iowa State of Birth  Occupation
Job Haight      37   M  Y        18  Ohio             Farmer
Eliza Haight    35   F  Y        15  Ohio
Austin Haight   13   M               Iowa
Mary Haight     11   F               Iowa
Cornelius Haight 3   M               Iowa
Sarah Haight     1   F               Iowa

The 1870 US Census, Smith River Township, Del Norte County, California
(p25 l21)

Haight, Job       52  M  W   Laborer        Ohio
Haight, Eliza     48  F  W   Keeping house  Ohio
Haight, Cornelius 17  M  W   Laborer        Iowa
Haight Joseph W.  10  M  W                  Iowa
Haight, James L.   7  M  W                  CA

Sometime between 1860 and 1863 the family moved to California. My family stories say that they came in 1861 from Council Bluffs, Iowa to the area around Crescent City, CA.

In that same 1870 US census, but in Crescent City itself:

Haight, J. A.   27   M  W  Laborer         Iowa

It is my contention that this J.A. Haight is Jacob Austin Haight who is the Austin Haight listed earlier.

And nearby in that same 1870 US census (p53 l47)

Groom, Morrison   26  M  W  Farmer   700   Ohio
Groom, Sarah      15  F  W  Keeping house  Iowa
Wallace, Roy      40  M  W  Farmer   3000/1000  Penn

Their daughter, Sarah, my great-great grandmother married Morrison Penny Groom in May 8, 1870 (I have a copy of their marriage record from Del Norte County). They were staying with a wealthy farmer working for him so she was not listed with her parents. I imagine that her sister, Mary Haight, is likewise not list due to a marriage, but I have no further information as to her.

According to an interview with Ruth Groom Cushin when she was age 92 in 1978 (Ruth was the youngest daughter of Sarah) she said that the Haights were originally from New York and that Sarah had had the family bible but that her brother, Cornelius, had requested it upon Sarah's death and the family had returned it to him in Crescent City, CA.

An aside: I have quite a bit of information on Daniel Haight, who was the son of James Haight (born 1802 d. 1879 Smith River, CA). He married into the McVays and there is quite a bit of information on them in the Smith River area, including a pioneer home. I have letters from a cousin, Joan Luetzow, 3233 So. Herman St. Milwaukee, WI 53207 from the 1980s in which she states she is descended from Henry Haight, brother of Daniel Haight, both sons of James Haight.

According to her, in an account that Henry wrote about his trip west, he mentions his uncle Cornelius went also (Cornelius Haight Jr).

She also notes that Jacob Austin Haight was buried at Crescent City as J. Austin Haight 1843-1928. He was witness in 1868 at the marriage of Mary Haight and Loring Sevey (this explains why Mary is absent from the 1870 census with her parents). Jacob Austin Haight was born January 1843, son of Job and Eliza. He married Jane (or June) E. Jenkins April
15, 1871.

Joan says this information was provided by a deceased Mr. Brainard who kept records on Del Norte and Curry City, Oregon for the Curry City Historical Society.

US Census 1880 Cow Creek, Douglas County, OR Family#56
Haight, John   52   Male  b. Ohio  Parents b. NY & CT  Worker
        Eliza  59   F     b. Ohio  Wife
    Cornelius  27   Male  b. Iowa  Son
    James      17   Male  b. CA    Son

This is obviously erroneous. It is Job Haight, not John, Age 62, not 52. The rest fits. I have it on my list to try and get down to Douglas County and check records for his death and other family records. I live in Washington State and so am fairly close, but just have never had time. He does not appear in the 1900 census.

Joan goes on to say that James's brother, Aaron Haight, is recorded as having purchased property in Crescent City too.

The only further information I have about Job Haight is that he was married on September 16, 1841 in Warren Township, Iowa, to Eliza Bridges (daughter of Benjamin Bridges and Abigail Ellenwood).

I have several pages of notes about the activities of James Haight on the Smith River Indian Reservation 1866-1868.

I have a letter from Roy Olson who quotes a letter from cousin Joan stating:  "Our Ellenwood Clan by Nellie Gard, 1980, p. 96 listing a Clarissa Haight m. Davis Morris Bridges. Clarissa was b. in NY State in 1812 the d/o Cornelius Haight and Abigail (Atwood) Haight and d. in Yellow Springs, Iowa, 21 April 1888, in her 77th year. Her sister Mary m. John Bickford. Yellow Springs and Hureon Townships, Des Moines Co., Iowa by J.W. and S.C. Marrill, pub 1897. It list a Cornelius A. Haight children and the 4th child Mary Haight, b. NY State; d. post 1856; m. 8 Dec 1818, John Bickford (Bigford in M.R. Vol. 1, pg 107). Had Dau Mahala, m. 5 Dec 1839 Charles Ellenwood, s/o Daniel and Esther (Tucker)

Among various notes I show:

Elisa (Haight) d. 15 August 1856
Children: Lafayette F. Hill, Ester M. Hill Banton, Annie Hill Hammer, Armilda Hill Anders.
Husband Eben, d. 27. 1868

Elisa bur. in Burch Cemetery Polk Co.

(Cemetery mention in OR Cemetery Survey 1978)
Cemetery in a field about 1 mi. SE of Rickreall, OR

I have seen a copy of the Estate record, I believe from cousin Joan. She also says:

"When John's wife, Minerva died (will dated Feb 19, 1878) there was mention of Eliza nee Bridges Haight aged 55 in OR and her sister Minerva nee Bridges Haight."

I also have notes from

Methodist Church Book
Class #1 Jacob Bridges, Leader
Names         State in Life
Eliza Bridges      M
Elizabeth Bridges  S

Class #2
Eliza. H. Bridges  M
Clarissa Bridges   W
Matilda C. Bridges M
C.A.Haight         W
John Haight        M
Minerva Haight     M

Clarissa Bridges sister of John

I also have biographies from Des Moines County books of Henry H. Haight b. 1827 and Charles Henry Haight b. 1875, son of Henry and Margaret (Gibson) Haight.

In the biography of Henry it says "born in Athens County, Ohio, in 1827, and was a son of James and Lydia (Howard) Haight, who were natives of New York. The Haight family was founded in this country by Simon and Susanna Haight, who were natives in Northumberland County, England, and came to America with the early Pilgrims of Massachusetts...

"Aaron Haight, Jr., was the father of Cornelius, who was born in New York in 1782, and his son James was the father of our subject."

In the biography of Charles Henry Haight it says "The Haights were among the earliest of English emigrants to come to America. They were Quakers of Somersetshire, England, and came in their ship, the "Abigail," stopping first about ten miles from the place, afterward the site of Boston. But having a grant of land thirty miles long and twelves miles wide on the Hudson River, they afterward went to New York. In 1816 Cornelius Haight left New York, and in 1838 came to Iowa.

A book sent to me by a researcher from the DesMoines County Genealogical Society which had the headings "Yellow
Springs and Huron" on the left page and "Early Settlers - 1835-1849"  on the right -  on pgs. 77 & 78 there is a biography of Cornelius Haight which lists Job as one of his sons, along with James, Moses, Aaron, John, Sidney, and Cornelius." 

A list of Cornelius's children as listed in the family bible of Daniel Haight, Jr., one of Cornelius's great grandchildren. I believe this book to be in the possesion of Thora Leoni, PO Box 738, Yreka, CA 96097. I have a letter from her from 1988. My mother and father visited her while passing through and saw the bible but did not make a copy of it!

Anyway here is the list from an old copy from another cousin:

"Great Grand Father
Cornelius Haight and
Abigail Atwood

Cornelius Haight was born
in Washington, Town, Co. of Dutchess State of N. York

Abigail Atwood of
Sharon Connticut

Cornelius Haight's children were

Mary Haight        March 14, 1801
James Haight       June 25, 1802
Sidney S. Haight   Jan 9, 1804
Aaron & Moses Haight Feb 1, 1806
Julia Haight       Sept 8, 1808
Philip Haight      June 4, 1810
Clara Haight       Jan 18, 1812
Cornelius Haight   Jan 3 1814
John Haight        Jan 18, 1816
all the above was born in the state of N.Y.
Job Haight         June 21, 1818
Abigail Haight     Nov. 26, 1819
Unice Haight       July 24, 1822
Sally Haight       July 26, 1824
Eliza Haight       July 10, 1825

 I have been told that Cornelius was the son of Aaron Haight Junior and that Aaron was the son of Aaron Haight Senior who is well recorded by the Hoyt/Haight family association. You can view their records with LDS at:



Rich Edwards son of
Lola Adell Blue who is the daughter of
Mabel Edna Groom who was the daughter of
Thomas Theodore Groom who was the son of
Sarah Elizabeth Haight who was the daughter of
Job Haight who was the son of
Cornelius Haight who was the son of
Aaron Haight, Jr.