Harry John Edwards
B. August 2, 1928
Bennington, VT

About age 1

About age 7

Age 23

About age 65

William Charles Edwards

November 28, 1951
Tenino, WA
to Lola Adell Blue

Elizabeth Pearl Kelley

Richard Alan Edwards
b. June 23, 1955

Carolee J. Edwards
b. June 12, 1957

Robert Leroy Edwards
b. November 8, 1963

The Life and Times of Harry "Curly" John Edwards as written by himself.

Harry John Edwards also served in the United States Military and here is a link to his military record.

The Edwards Family
July 1999, Ocean City, WA

Left to Right
William Arthur Edwards (grandson), Carolee J. Edwards (daughter), Richard Alan Edwards (son), Lola Adell Blue-Edwards (wife), Robert Leroy Edwards (son), Harry John Edwards (himself).