Our Kelley Line

From her birth certificate:
Elizabeth Pearl Kelley (my grandmother)
b. August 10, 1896 in Rockville Center, L.I. NY
Father: Charles Kelley, born VA, 25 years old
Mother: Rose Leonhardt, born Rockville Center, NY, 18 years old

Family "tradition" say that she had three sisters, Ida (born 1897), Lena (born 1898), and Josephine (born 1899) and that sometime close to 1900, all three of these girls died and something happened to the father, Charles Kelley. Died, ran away, went insane, jailed. No one ever could tell me what happened. Only Rose Leonhardt-Kelley-Griffin is likely to have known, so unless grandmother Griffin told someone in the family, it's going to be hard to discover whatever happened to Charles Kelley. The greatest family mystery.

Okay, back to facts.

Since Charles Kelley said he was 25 in 1896, I wrote to the State of Virginia asking for a birth record for a Charles Kelley born about 1871. They sent me one!

From his birth certificate:
Charles Kelley born October 1871, Clover Hill Township, Chesterfield County, VA.  White. Male.
Father: John Kelley. Occupation: Miner
Mother: Eliza Kelley.
Informant: Rebecca Kelley. Relationship: Grandmother.

This lead me to check the 1870 US Census for Chesterfield County, VA where I found:

Kelly, John W. Age 35, Male White Farm Laborer born Virginia
Kelly, Eliza A. Age 25 Female White Keeping House born Virginia
Kelly, John   Age 1  Male White  born Virginia

And that lead me to search the LDS records for the marriage of John W. Kelley and an "Eliza A.".

And I found...

Marriage record:
John W. Kelley
married 14 Dec 1865, Henrico, VA
Eliza A. BROWN

Richard Alan Edwards, son of
Harry John Edwards, son of
Elizabeth Pearl Kelley