William Arthur Edwards
B. August 12, 1982
Olympia, WA

Less than 1
Embarassing photo
removed by request.
Ask Will's mom or dad
to see a copy!

Will and Dad sleeping.
Little Lord Guillaume
About age 2
About age 4

With his first computer!

About age 7
Age 14
Age 17

Richard Alan Edwards
 High School Graduation

Class of 2000

Wendy Denise Page

Left side, top to bottom: William and his father, Richard; William (back to camera) receiving his diploma; John, Michael, and Will at his graduation party.
Center: William Arthur Edwards in graduation cap & gown.
Right side, top to bottom: William and his friend Clark processing to receive their diplomas; Will presiding over the head of the table at his graduation party; Will's family members arriving (left to right, Wendy Page (mother), Bob Edwards (uncle), Harry Edwards (grandfather), Lola Edwards (grandmother), Carolee Edwards (aunt).

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