William Charles Edwards
B. August 23, 1893, Brooklyn, NY
D. March 20, 1966, Denville, NJ

About age 20

in 1914

About age 30
About age 45

William Edwards

July 18, 1925
2. Elizabeth Pearl Kelley
Bennington, VT

Eliza Carolina Sophia Kazner
m. April 5, 1914 
1. Sarah Elizabeth Gormley
in Guttenberg, NJ
She died February 10, 1922

Margaret Sophia Edwards
B. January 18, 1915

William Herbert Edwards
B. March 31, 1916

Alfred James Edwards
B. March 3. 1919

Leonard John Edwards
B. January 15, 1921


Harry John Edwards
B. August 2, 1928
With Elizabeth Kelley

George William Edwards
B. May 20, 1926

Harry John Edwards
B. August 2, 1928

Betty Ruth Edwards
B. December 30, 1930

June Betty Edwards
B. May 30, 1932

Jane Betty Edwards
May 30, 1932

William Charles Edwards & Elizabeth Pearl Kelley Family
circa 1950?

Right to Left
Top Row: William Charles Edwards, George Edwards (his son), Rose Leonhardt-Kelley-Griffin (his mother-in-law), Betty Edwards (his daughter), Elizabeth Kelley-Day-Edwards (his wife), Robert Griffin (his mother-in-law's husband), Fred Podgurski, Dorthy Day-Flor (his step-daughter)
Bottom Row: Richard Flor, Rose Marie Day-Podgurski (his step-daughter), Peggy Flor Stenson, June Edwards-Dent (his daughter), Jane Edwards-Stahl (his daughter).