William  Edwards
B. August 4, 1863, New York, NY
D. August 2, 1933, North Bergen, NJ

About age 50

John W. Edwards


June 21, 1882
Sophia Kaszner
Brooklyn, NY


Jane Soyers

Mary Jane Edwards
B. June 24, 1883

Amelia Katherine Edwards
December 27, 1885

John William Edwards
April 22, 1888

Elizabeth Cecilia Edwards
September 27, 1889


William Charles Edwards
B. August 23, 1893
Brooklyn, NY 
Mathilda Sophia Edwards
December 5, 1898

Alfred George Edwards
January 18, 1902

Edwards Family Documents
Biography of William Edwards
William Edwards & Sophia Kaszner Family
circa 1910

Right to Left
Top Row: William Charles Edwards(his son), Sophia Kaszner (his wife), William Edwards (him), John William Edwards (his son)
Second Row: Elizabeth Cecilia Edwards (his daughter), Amelia Katherine Edwards (his daughter)
Bottom Row: Alfred George Edwards (his son), Mathilda Sophia Edwards (his daughter)

Left to right: Sophia Kaszner, Anita Fink (friend), unknown child,
William Edwards, Barbara Hutton (friend), unknown child.