Towns of the Outlands, 1981, Midkemia Press

Role Playing Games

Currently I am running a Pendragon (5th Edition) Role Playing Game campaign.

We are using the Great Pendragon Campaign and beginning during the reign of King Uther.

I have a separate website for supporting this game here.

I've been role play gaming since 1974 (Tunnels & Trolls) and co-authored Towns of the Outlands published by Midkemia Press in 1981 and translated into German in 1988.

In addition to playtesting more than a dozen games for various companies I have also written dozens of reviews and articles on games and gaming in "The Space Gamer", "Nexus", and other magazines.

Many of my reviews and articles are listed in my bibliography

Collectible Card Games.

We spent years doing Lord of the Rings CCG by Decipher. 

Currently not playing any CCGs.

Computer Games.

Counter Strike Source continues to be our #1 favorite FPS. Thanks to Eric, we have a Clan Server called "Portal of Death".

I also enjoy RTS games, and my current favorite is Company of Heroes (WWII).

Board Games.

Currently our Friday night games have been playing the Tile/Board game Carcassone.

  Last updated 10/23/2006