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I have been playing music since I was in the fourth grade when we all got plastic recorders to learn basic music. I took up the clarinet in the 5th grade and played every year until I graduated high school. I took up the guitar in college, though I am at best a strummer of no real talent. My college roommate Barry Coles and I used to play at dorm parties singing Simon and Garfunkle songs.

The SCA, being a medieval society, has encouraged me to take up the recorder again (this time wooden) and the pennywhistle. I also enjoy playing the dumbek, the middle eastern drum most often associated with belly dancers and the bodhran (the Irish drum).

I have been a member of two Irish groups, the Columbia Street Seisun Band and another group when I was in Tahlequah, OK (where we performed for the Unitarian Universalist church weekly as well as other events such as the Fort Gibson Festival). In Tahlequah I was also part of the UUCT's Handbell Choir.

As a member of the Columbia Street Seisun Band, my voice and drum are included on our CD, "Live at Clancy's".


Columbia Street Seisiun Band's "Percussion Section" or "Drum Corps" at the recording session.

Recording Session at Clancy's Pub, Olympia, WA  November 12, 2000. 

From the pub looking into the band's corner as we warm up for the recording session.

I have recently joined a vocal choir in the SCA (in the Barony of Glymm Mere) and we performed an original latin hymn "Electra" at our Yule Feast in 2006. We are scheduled to peform it at Twelfth Night in 2007 as well.

My favorite music is hard to define since it runs from Bing Crosby to Meatloaf.

Here are some of my favorite musicians and their web sites:
David Wilcox
Heather Alexander
Loreena McKennitt
Kristin Banks Weird Al Yankovic
Bonnie Raitt
Sarah McLachlan


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