Rich Edwards

On Glimmering Field

I swear last night upon the tourney field
Amid the evening sky I saw two stars
Whose rays did pierce through armor, helm and shield
And drop me to my knees 'fore hallowed Mars.

The golden sun eclipsed the stars on high
And though twas night the glory blinded me,
I could but bow my head as you drew nigh
And marvel at the wonders there to see.

I rose, you smiled, I turned, and went to dance
On Glimm'ring field I stepped with joy to fight,
With blazing sword I slew, for you entranced
My soul and made a champion of this knight.

To worship you, the goddess of my sky,
Is inspiration none can now deny.

#381 Shakespearean Sonnet

How High the Fire

How high the fire that burned within our hearts;
How great the love that shown thereby its flame;
How beautiful the products of our arts:
For e'er enduring as befits love's fame.
    But fire's a risk that many things can burn,
    And love can break a heart as well as heal,
    And crafts of art will perish with time's turn
    For nothing long escapes of fate a seal.
But fire can forge of souls a love's true steel
And make a cup for wisdom held therein
Whose drinking brings us happiness for real
The truth of which eternal lasts within.
    All lives go through the kiln of soulful fate;
    And find there hell or joy, now soon or late.

#375 Shakespearean Sonnet


We met at last where I, once poet, wrote,
To break our fast from words with distance sent
And voices without form; no more remote,
We saw with eyes what now was truly meant.

The golden nimbus of your hair gave light,
But less than that rich color of your eyes
Whose gazing pierced my heart as day the night
And gave my dreams new wings on which to rise.

But now time plays to keep us part again,
Without your sight I wonder if I dreamed
The joy of you, and so my hopes remain
To find again the light which on us gleamed.

Slow pass these days which stand 'tween you and I
But day will come when see we eye to eye.

#378 Shakespearean Sonnet

Ode to Armchair Books

I loved the store and all the time we spent
With books and authors and other hand sellers.
The time flew by as Potter came and went
And every month another new event.
We brought in games and ran them for gamers
And in parades we were Pirate Ship Sailors!
We talked of the biz and often you'd vent
'bout the downturn that new technology sent,
Still, I loved the store.
We continued as PNBAers
Despite the debt, the cost, and how to pay rent
We moved the whole thing, working as haulers
Did all that could be, gave all until spent
The end may be sad, and I'll be a mourner
I loved the store!

#383 Rondeau

A Prayer to Lord Hypnos
(a bedtime story)

I spent this day in thought with pen in hand
To write a bedtime story for your sleep;
Hear now my prayer to gods of ancient land
In hope that they will heed my words and weep
At loss of needed rest and do their true
Duty and banish cares to stony keep.
Come Lord Hypnos, the lady waits for you!
Why when she yearns so for your touch delay?
Soft kiss her eyes that they may close to view
And fill her ears with music; do not say
She must converse with Mother Nyx 'til dawn.
Cast her upon the stage of dreams to play
And banish all her woes, to them begone!
Let her the many roles of joy recall
Bring Morpheus to dance upon the lawn
And fill all fantasies that she may call
To mind and let this be her time of gold.
Bring not Phobetor, but her fears let fall
Away and send her stories wherein bold
Venetian Lords and Ladies weave a life
As once they did back then in times of old.
After a night of joyful shadowplay,
Let her return to light and love the day.

#382 Terza Rima

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